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Allison Weiner obtains $250,000 settlement

Congratulations Allison Weiner on her recent $250,000 settlement.  Allison represented a police officer who, in the course of responding to a domestic situation at a home owned by the defendant, slipped and fell while descending snow covered steps which, according to an engineering expert, were defectively constructed.

As a result of the fall, Allison’s client injured his knee and his elbow for which he underwent surgery.  The landlord’s excuse for failing to maintain the property was that his tenant was the one responsible for snow and ice removal and that the client knew of the snow condition and should have been more careful.  The defendant’s insurance carrier also disputed the extent of the injuries caused by this accident based upon the client’s prior medical history.  The case settled less than one week before it was scheduled for a jury trial.

The settlement is even more gratifying because initially it was believed that there was no insurance on the property.  Our client is exceptionally pleased with this result!

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