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Statewide Civil Service Workers Victory.

Mark Pfeffer secured a victory in the Supreme Court of New Jersey for statewide Civil Service Workers in a class action suit decided on January 11, 2013. The issue was whether 10 month school district Civil Service Employees, (Food Service Workers, Bus Drivers, Security Guards, and Teachers Aides), were entitled to proportional vacation leave, compared to their co-workers who work year-round. In Headen v. Jersey City Board of Education, the Supreme Court of New Jersey rejected two lower court rulings, in both the trial court and the Appellate Division, and held that approximately 750 class members, who are 10 month school district employees, are entitled to proportional vacation leave under the Civil Service Act. The case was sent back to the trial court to determine the amount of vacation pay owed for the past and the amount of vacation to be given in the future. The holding affects not only employees of the Jersey City Board of Education, but also the employees of 8 other school districts throughout New Jersey that have adopted the Civil Service Act, including Vineland and Middle Township.

– Mark Pfeffer (Bio)

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