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The Canzanella Act, recently signed into law, extends extra protections to public safety workers including police officers, firefighters, nurses, and medical technicians who contract a serious communicable disease, such as COVID-19, after being exposed at work. An injured or sick worker who contracts COVID-19 through their employment may still be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, even if their job is not one expressly listed in the Canzanella Act.

Most employees who perform services for wages are covered by New Jersey’s workers’ compensation law, including seasonal and part time employees.  When an accident or exposure occurs in the course and scope of your employment, there are three potential benefits available:  (1) payment of medical bills, (2) wage replacement, and (3) permanent partial disability benefits.  Permanent partial disability is a payment to compensate an injured worker for a permanent loss of function as a result of a work related sickness or injury.  This payment is in addition to wage replacement.  These benefits may be available to you if you have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19.
Goldenberg Mackler gives thanks to the heroic first responders and essential employees during this pandemic.  We offer free consultations to all injured and sick employees.

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