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Commercial Law with an emphasis on General Equity Litigation involving Municipal Liens and Real Estate.


Since 1988, Keith has been a partner with Goldenberg Mackler Sayegh Mintz Pfeffer Bonchi & Gill.  He is a senior partner and Chairman of Commercial Section.  Special emphasis on real estate, tax lien foreclosures, general equity matters and municipal law.  Keith represents numerous private investors in municipal liens.  Current affiliations include General Counsel to Tax Collectors & Treasurers Association of New Jersey, Special Counsel to the City of Trenton, City of East Orange, City of Newark, Township of Brick, City of Jersey City, and other municipalities in New Jersey.


Moderator and ICLE lecturer on both tax sale foreclosures and in rem tax sale foreclosures, Member of New Jersey Superior Court Ad Hoc Committee on Foreclosures (PRIMARY AUTHOR OF HANDBOOK ON TAX SALE FORECLOSURES), Guest speaker at Judicial College on two occasions, Speaker on numerous occasions at N.J. State League of Municipalities convention on various aspects of the Tax Sale Law, Speaker and Educator for Professional Governmental Educators on the Tax Sale Law, Speaker on numerous occasions at the annual conference of the Tax Collector’s and Treasurer’s Association of New Jersey.

General Counsel for Tax Collector’s and Treasurer’s Association of New Jersey (1999 to present)

Associate Counsel for New Jersey League of Municipalities (2015 – 2020)


New Jersey Lawyer Magazine – article re: “Does Equity Follow the Law When Foreclosing on Unrecorded Interest?” April, 2017 

New Jersey State League of Municipalities Magazine – articles on the Tax Sale Law, most recently, “How to Turn Tax Sale Certificates into Revenue”, March, 2014

New Jersey Law Journal (July 18, 2022) “Revision to the Tax Sale Law; Protection for Distressed Homeowners”

New Jersey Law Journal (January 28, 2008) “Municipal Liens Used to Cure Title Defects”

New Jersey Law Journal (March 26, 2007) “New Rules for Tax Sales”

New Jersey Law Journal (November 8, 2004) “Tax Lien Investors vs. The Raiders”

Criterion – over 40 articles on the Tax Sale Law


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